Our Concentrates

THC Farms extracts with both CO2 and Butane. CO2 extraction is generally used in edibles and vape. Although we offer CO2 extracted products, the real demand in the market is for BHO or Butane Extracted Oils.

BHO extractions come under many names, which just describe their consistencies. Shatter, wax, budder, sap, sugar, snap n’ pull, and many more. At THC Farms, we make concentrates in all the above consistencies.

What is most important and often overlooked is this simple fact. Every strain of marijuana smoked, vaped, dabbed or eaten, gives the user a different body/mind experience. When a strain is made into a concentrate, the users mind/body experience is specific to that marijuana strain, only far more concentrated.

Here are the seven reasons to buy Concentrates from THC Farms

  1. We are a Pure Water Grow Farm. The quality of the marijuana used for extraction, more than any other factor, determines the quality of the concentrate. Since we grow in Pure Water, we are starting with the purest, highest quality of marijuana possible. The high quality of our concentrates mirrors the quality of our flower.
  2. We use the best extraction equipment. Not every processor has the scientific finesse to create a clean, pure product. THC Farms has invested close to $1,000,000 in our extraction room design and construction and the extraction equipment. We use the latest technology and the best extraction equipment money can buy. Through trial and error, we have developed the best possible techniques to get the highest quality of extraction while retaining the integrity of the original plant.
  3. We offer a variety of strains. THC Farms offers concentrates extracted from a variety of marijuana strains. Concentrates made from every strain of marijuana have different terpenes (flavors) and other elements that give each a distinct smell and flavor and a different user high. The typical retailer wants a variety of strains to meet the demand of all of their customers.
  4. We start with award winning marijuana. The properties of the flower will be retained in the concentrate if the extraction was done properly. When you start with award winning marijuana strains, those same qualities pass through in the user experience from a concentrate. Our user reviews on our concentrates are stellar.
  5. We offer custom packaging. We have over 20 different packaging designs for our concentrates. The retailer can select the packaging that they want for their business. We can also custom package under any brand name or design.
  6. Variable Data on each package. On the front of every package, we show the THC content, the group (indica/sativa) and the specific strain. All of our labeling is done after we receive the THC content from the laboratory. We are the only processor we know of that provides on demand packaging. Both the bud tenders and the users appreciate having this information prominently displayed.
  7. We offer highly competitive prices. There are some great concentrates and concentrate companies that have been around for years. Although they make excellent products, their prices are very high. Since consumers are price sensitive, higher prices will slow sales. We challenge you to compare the quality of our concentrates against all others on the market. We are certain that you will agree that our concentrates are the best you can buy in each price range.

De-Bunking some of the myths about concentrates

Myth: Clearer concentrates are better.

Consumers tend to think that the best and highest priced concentrates are very clear, in many cases, so clear that you can see right through them. With a glass-like consistency and transparency, shatter is an impressive specimen to behold, but what is the scientific basis of its superiority?

Although the look of the concentrate might influence a purchase, clarity is not everything. Some of the best concentrates are darker because they have retained more of the terpenes and other compounds that provide wonderful tastes and smells.

Myth: Quality Begins and Ends in the Extraction Lab

While the use of pure solvents and medical-grade extraction equipment are cornerstones of quality concentrates, the full story extends all the way back to the garden. The quality of the concentrate will vary dramatically based on the quality of the marijuana. If the marijuana has pesticides, neem oil, topical treatments and more, then the quality of the concentrate will be affected.

THC Farms is a Pure Water Grow Farm. We never use pesticides, mold control chemicals or other products that are commonly used by farmer growing in dirt. We start with the best plant material and we end up with the best concentrates. It’s that simple.

Myth: It’s All About the THC

This myth is relevant to patients, adult consumers, and processors alike. There is much more to concentrates than their THC content.

Before the State of Washington started regulating marijuana, the most critical factor in buying concentrates might have been the removal of the solvent residue. All concentrates now sold in Washington must be lab tested and pass many critical tests, the removal of solvents being one of them. All concentrates now sold are very safe.

Terpenes, or the aromatic oils secreted by the plant’s trichomes, provide cannabis and its extracts with distinctive smells and flavors. Not only that, terpenes modulate other compounds in cannabis for a more therapeutic effect. If extracted properly, the aroma of concentrate will have some of the same qualities of the flower used to make it.

Retailers and consumers are still largely concerned with that THC figure.  In the scientific community, it is well known that no normal user can’t tell the difference between 50% THC and 75% THC.”

The difference between concentrates, those with a rich diversity of compounds, is often detectable in the flavor, psycho-activity, and medical efficacy. In a phenomenon known as the “entourage effect,” all components of the cannabis plant work together synergistically, and trust us, this makes for a more impressive product than those that only reach for THC’s ceiling.

People who are passionate about concentrates understand that there is medical value in pure, potent concentrates. High quality oils will be rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, and cannabis compounds that deliver a diversity of medical effects too numerous to list.