Tour Our Facility

THC Farms is the premier marijuana grow and process business in Washington State. Enjoy this visual tour of our facilities.

Our grow/process facility is 46,000 feet in size. A football field is 30,000 feet. We are 1.5 times that size.

Our walls are metal throughout the building. By having metal walls instead of natural materials, the enemies to marijuana, mold, mildew and other pathogens, cannot grow.
Our grow operation is monitored 24/7 by computers. We closely monitor the CO2 levels, temperatures, humidity levels, and many other critical elements to consistently grow exceptional cannabis.
We grow exclusively in water. We do not transfer clones from water to soil after one week, the commonly used method of growing clones. Moving clones from water to soil stunts their growth.
Our baby/clone room has the capacity to grow 50,000 clones per month.
Managing the heat that comes from the lights in a bloom room is the #1 problem growing marijuana. We have eliminated that problem by enclosing all of our lights in their own HVAC system.

Our computers do something else that is very unique. They raise and lower the lighting in the room over a one hour period. This simulates mother nature’s sunrises and sunsets. Abruptly turning lights on or off in a grow room shocks the plants.
Our grow method is Sea-of-Green. Each of our grow rooms is 40-40 feet in size, the perfect size to simulate the ideal outdoor grow conditions. We separate each room, so that our fans are never more than 10 feet from any plant. This provides our plants with maximum airflow, simulating mother nature and stimulating growth.

The walls in our curing rooms are 3.5 inches think. This design allows us to keep our humidity and temperatures at perfect levels. Having the perfect humidity and temperatures when curing marijuana does many essential things. Properly drying/curing creates a bud that has an exceptional flavor without any bitterness when smoked.

Our BHO explosion proof extraction room and equipment gives us the ability to blast large quantities of cannabis for both oils and concentrates.
Our laboratory is essential to our success.  We use every form of advanced science and technology to create the highest quality of extracted products.
Here are some of our many ovens used to make shatter and wax and other concentrates.
The technology and science we use has given us the ability to grow the highest quality of flower and make the best concentrates possible.

If you are interested in our Partnership program, please call us direct, anytime from 9 am – 5:00 pm. We can assist you via the phone or you can e-mail us your contact information HERE. (253) 327-1110