Fever Fever Magazine, March 2017

In the last few years, there has been a significant spike in capital investment for Washington state companies looking to strike it rich in the cannabis industry. However, this should not be of no surprise to industry insiders and investors. The real surprise happens when you indulge in high-quality products that are hard to find. THC Farms is a relatively new business that is changing how we view (and smoke) cannabis.

Their system of growing and manufacturing leaves is virtually unmatched by their competitors. With stringent testing and innovating marketing strategies, they are poised to becoming the go-to company for medical and recreational cannabis use. Fever Magazine staff member, Cornelus Postell, recently sat down with the founders of THC Farms to hear more about their company. Check out the innovating ways they are introducing their products in this exclusive interview!

Tell us a little about your company and what you do.

THC Farms is a Tier-3 producer processor of cannabis for the state of Washington. We produce high-quality water-cultured cannabis. We specialize in a couple of high-end strains that were specialized for the medical market. We are currently the only OSHA-approved farm in the state of Washington. Pretty much, we are one of the most advanced farms as far as technology is concerned.

THC FarmsWhat’s your process for growing your products?

We have a very high-end process. We cultivate our cannabis strictly in water with zero medium. This enables us to grow a cleaner cannabis with fewer nutrients used. We are able to keep the pest and mold control low because of there no place for them to hide.

Our facility is mopped and cleaned daily. With soil farmers, the pest can hide in the soil. With our extraction, dry, cure procedure, we’ve taken the latest technology and utilized them to create our superior grow and dry process.

Tell us more about how you test your products for general audience consumption?

There are a couple of tests that we do. One, we send the product to a third-party tester. We use a company called Analytical 360. There’s about 25 of them that are in the Washington market. They give us a cannabinoid profile, a terpene profile, and a contaminate profile. This tells the consumer how much THC, CBD, and cannabinoids they will ingest while they are using the product.

The customer will also be able to know if there any products was sprayed on it. Plus, it will give them awareness if the products have any mold or pathogens on it. If it doesn’t pass this set criteria, then we must destroy the contaminated products or process it. They will not allow it to hit the streets.

For us, we have our own system. We have farmers who have been in the market for 20-30 years who have a good eye and tongue for good cannabis strain. In short, we have our farmers test them as well.

THC FarmsWho are the people your company is looking to market towards?

We are marketing towards anyone who is 21-years or older and wants to experience recreational marijuana. Generally, the people who consume our products are those who have a desire for quality and are looking for the best product out there.

Explain some of the ways you use to attract your target audience?

We use a lot of social media. Dre (THC Farm’s publicist) is out there who represents the pharmacist on Facebook and Instagram channels as well as all the marketing events that go on. We actually go to the stores and present samples. We also rely on word-of-mouth. People let us know if other people has a store that needs a product. We will give them our sales pitch to move forward with them with our product on their shelves.

How do you plan on branding your products and services for more exposure?

We are doing multiple branding campaigns. We are going to attend a lot of cannabis events. Dre is our promoter. He generates a lot of excitement with branded t-shirts, flyers, pamphlets, and brochures… Anything that is related to the products that we have. We also plan on advertising in magazines, billboards and eventually on the radio.

So, I heard you are branching out in the music industry. How are you using music artists to promote your products?

We’ve done a crossover between hip-hop and R&B. We’ve associated cannabis with a lifestyle and able to merge the two together. This helps generates a type beyond just the smoke of the product. We don’t want to stick with just one form of branding. We’re looking to do multiple. The best way to do this is with music artists.

Basically, we’ll take a great strain of cannabis and present it to them. If an artist likes it, we’ll name the strain after them. This is where the crossover happens. Whenever that artist is attending an event, we will be attending the event as well. We will help with promoting the artist along with promoting our cannabis.

This way, we both get the best of the worlds as far as promotion goes.  It’s a fact that you can never get enough people out there to try your product or hear about it. What better way to think about it or have passion about it in both industries?

Do you presently have any artists on board now?

Right now, we have comedian Slick Johnson. He does a Comedy Central show. He’s been doing that for a couple of years. We have been in talks with a couple of artists that are down in California. We haven’t done any actual signing yet because we are so new. It took us three years to build our farm and just now got our product on shelves. We’re looking taking on some larger names.

How can people get in contact with you or learn more about your product besides your website?

It’s pretty simple to find our website at www.thcfarms.net. You can search for #rapperkush and #thcfarms on the internet. You can also find us on Twitter @THCFarmsWA and on Facebook @THCFarms.