Vape Cartridges

THC Farms makes the best vape carts on the market because we start with the best distillate. Our distillation process incorporates a Root Science VTA machine, the most envied distillation equipment of the world.

You can read about the Root Science VTA machine at

THC Farms VTA made distillate is highly refined.  We blend our distillate with high quality terpenes and we have flavors that are the envy of our competitors.


Reviewed by Amy, lifelong cannabis enthusiasts 

The THC cart was awesome!  The flavor was leaps and bounds over other vape carts I have used.  Being a mom and working 40 a week, the buzz kept me going but not too lazy or tired feeling.  It kept me stoned enough to not need to smoke all day.

Review by Derick, cannabis user for 14 years

“If your already stoned, and your looking to elevate an existing high, THC Farms vapes are probably not for you.  If you want a super smooth, clean, mellow buzz and a great terp profile, then any of the vape carts offered by THC Farms will make you incredibly happy.  THC Farms carts are perfect for cannabis users with jobs, people that just want to mellow out after a long day at work.”

Review by John, cannabis user for 22 years

“I used a THC Farms flavor called Sprite.  The package says it’s a A/C D/C terp mixed with Sunset Sherbet and Lemon Lime Kush.  The result is a flavor that tastes like the Sprite soft drink with tropical undertones.  The hit was exceptionally smooth, not harsh on the throat.  The high is a subtle euphoric high.”

Review by Angie, cannabis user for 20+ years

“I vaped the THC Farms cantaloupe flavor.  Is was exceptionally smooth and fruity.  It got me stoned.  I also tried the THC Farms “Bookies”.  It’s a Blue Dream with Cookies.  I had a very uplifting Savita high.  The flavors in both were great.  They are well worth the price.  THC Farms carts are a good value.”

Review by Paige, cannabis user for 7+ years

“THC Farms BHO Cart starts with a smooth draw followed by, in my case, a sweet cherry note and a floral undertone. The high was a mellow head-high with a “floaty” body high. I would recommend THC Farms BHO Carts for any cannabis user searching to unwind and chill after work or for a relaxing weekend.”

Review by Mike, cannabis user for 5+ years

“The BHO Cart by THC Farms gave me a smooth yet fragrant vapor, with a sweet berry flavored undertone. The high was a pleasant head-high, giving the body a slight relaxing feel. If I were looking to relax, but remain slightly stimulated, this would be my got-to.”

Review by Brittany, cannabis user 6 years 

The taste and draw of the THC farms cart was amazing.  The quality and artisan flavor was great.  My THC Farm cart had a mellow tone with an energetic head feel.

Reviewer consensus:  “THC farms vape carts smell and taste great.  The carts provide a pleasant head-high and relax the body but the user will stay functional.  You won’t need a nap minutes after taking a hit.”